From Morocco, to Your Legs in One Stroke

From Morocco, to Your Legs in One Stroke

Our luscious leg sticks and our lip balms have certified organic Argan oil in them. It comes to you from Morocco where it is extracted from the seeds of the flowering argan tree. These trees live to be 200 years old and are part of a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

The oil is naturally high in Vitamin E content, and has….are you ready?.... anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory , anti-fungal and anti-bacterial* properties!. This is how argan oil protects and moisturizes all at once. Results of a study published by the US National library of Medicine, showed that argan oil improved skin’s elasticity**. 

The seeds that hold the oil are deep inside the hard centre of the fruit. It takes a determined effort to get to them…..but the results are clearly worth the effort.

Argan oil is part of what gives the leg stick the smoothness you feel when you apply it, and also why our lip balms help heal cracked lips. 

Knowing that it is certified organic oil gives you the added assurance of the purity of the argan oil we use. So go ahead…put a little Morocco into your day.

Goodthings Organics…Enjoy your skin,



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